Benefits of Deep Breathing 2019

Human beings breathe to live. Breathing correctly is not only important for living a long life but also to have a good mood and keeping your performance up to the level. Deep breathing should be a part of our everyday life. There are a lot of benefits of deep breathing. According to yoga and ayurveda, breath is a carrier of Prana, the Energy, which gives life to the body. No breath, no life and no energy. Let’s take a look at the benefits of deep breathing and you should make it a part of your daily life:

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  • Breathing deeply detoxifies and releases toxins: Your body is designed to release 70% of its toxins through breathing. If you do not breathe properly, you cannot get rid of its toxins. When you are exhaling air out of your body, you release carbon dioxide from your body. It is a natural waste of your body’s metabolism.
  • Breathe=Life: Our energy level depends in a big part on our breath. The better or fuller you breathe, the more energy you will gain. Taking deeper breaths will bring in more energy and oxygen and improve your energy levels.
  • Breathing releases tension: Ever thought how your body feels like when are tensed, stressed, and angry or scared? Your body starts constricting and your muscles become tight and you breathe shallow that means you are not getting the exact amount of oxygen. Thus, deep breathing is the perfect option left that you need to do.
  • Breathing relaxes the Mind/Body and brings clarity: Oxygenation of the brain reduces excessive anxiety levels. You need to pay attention to how you breathe. You must breathe slowly, deeply and purposefully. If you notice any tight place, breathe there. As you relax your body, you realize that there is clarity in the body.
  • Breathing relieves Pain:  You may not realize its connection to how you may feel, think and experience life. For instance, what happens to your breathing when you anticipate pain? You mostly hold your breath. But then you feel pain, you must breathe. It is a fast relief to your pain.
  • Breathing massages your inner organs: The movements of the diaphragm during the deep breathing exercises massage the stomach, liver, and pancreas. The upper movements of the diaphragm also massage the Heart. Controlling breathing also strengthens and tones your abdominal muscles.
  • Breathing Increases Muscles: Breathing is the oxygenation process to all of the cells in your body. With the proper supply of oxygen to the brain this increases the muscles in your body.
  • Deep breathing strengthens the immunity system: Oxygen travels through your blood stream by attaching to hemoglobin in your red blood cells. This in return enriches your body to metabolize nutrients and vitamins.

Scheduling your deep breathing exercise for a better health as breathing would never let you lose anything but would help you in getting the right posture. A very good thing about breathing is that you can do it anywhere you want. Just 5 minutes of deep breathing and you’re relaxed.

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uditpatel • 2019 Aug 16

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